Top ten hard-to-remove carpet stains

A daily newspaper has published a list of the top ten carpet stains that professional carpet cleaning companies have found hardest to shift over the years. The list, published in today's Metro comes from a 19 year veteran carpet cleaner based in Leicester.

The article quotes Stanley Friend, working for ServiceMaster Clean who said that the top ten hardest stains to remove are:

Irn Bru
Blackcurrant cordial
Red wine
Permanent marker

Stanley goes on to say that Irn Bru, the popular fizzy drink, is so difficult to remove "because of the colouring and secret recipe, which involves 32 flavours including Sunset Yellow colouring, for the drink's unyielding stain qualities." Stanley says "It's more or less the colourants that make it so difficult to remove. It just goes straight into the carpet and you can't get it budged, but we'll probably never know for sure because of the secret recipe. You just wonder what it does to your insides."

Even the toughest of stains The Metro references, including tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other food and drink stains can be easily removed from carpets and fabrics using Vanish.

For the harder to remove deep down stains like red wine, Vanish Preen for Carpets should make short work of the problem. Rather than worrying about which stains are the hardest to remove, we think you should save yourself a lot of bother and treat all carpet stains equally, by blasting them with Vanish.

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