Vanish Preen OxiAction Carpet Cleaner Stain Remover Spray

Amazing! Deep Spot Cleaning

Product Features

  • Vanish Preen OxiAction Deep Spot Cleaning.
  • The power of active oxygen helps to remove a wide range of tough stains
  • Penetrates deep into the carpet pile to start breaking down and dissolving stains before your eyes
  • Effective against red wine and coffee

Also available in: 440 ml

Product Description

Vanish Preen OxiAction Carpet Cleaner Stain Remover Spray is for tough spot & stain removal. Use Vanish Preen OxiAction on red wine, coffee, tea, juice.

Contains: Hydrogen Peroxide

Store in a cool dry place

- Turn nozzle to on position whilst directing trigger away from face.
- Always patch test a hidden area for colourfastness and leave overnight. If carpet colour is affected, do not use this product.
- Blot stain to remove excess with a clean colourfast cloth or sponge.
- Spray onto the stain and allow to work for 5 mins.
- After full stain removal, remove product residue by gently rubbing treated area with a clean damp colourfast cloth or sponge. Rinse cloth and repeat until no lather is produced. Take care not to saturate the carpet.
- Turn nozzle to off position.
- Heavy stains may require a second application.


Irritant. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not swallow. The oxygen bleach agent (hydrogen peroxide) used in Preen for Carpets OxiAction may sometimes have a temporary effect on skin (e.g. whitening).