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Whether it's your favourite pair of pants or your treasured sweater. Breathe new life into clothes with our range of Multi Benefit laundry boosters. Our superior Vanish Oxi Advance formula in our Vanish Gold Multi Power Powder Range doesn’t just removes stains in a cold wash – it brightens colours, removes odours in soaking^ and works as an antibacterial soaker! Just add one dose in every wash alongside your detergent!

^on cotton

Laundry Boosters

Breathe new life into clothes with our range of laundry boosters.

Frequently asked questions

To reduce the risk of colour run and your favourite items fading, you should wash whites and coloured items separately. For the best results, use Oxi Advance Multi Power Powder to keep colours bright and Oxi Advance Crystal White Powder for whiter whites*.

*vs greyed fabric, after washes

Our Oxi Advance products don't just remove stains. The multi power formula also removes odours^and brightens colours, just add one dose of Vanish in every wash to help keep your clothes looking at their best!

^in soaking on cotton

Yes, our Oxi Advance Gel can be used on whites.