Deep cleaning for your carpets and upholstery with 5x benefits - our 3in1 foam cleans, freshens and softens* carpets. It even removes 5x more dirt than vacuuming alone and neutralises odours.



  • Removes 5x more dirt vs vacuuming alone.
  • Cleans & freshens.
  • Neutralises odours.
What it works on

What it works on

Deep cleaning for your carpets and upholstery with 5x benefits.

Learn how to remove stains from your carpet and upholstery with our handy guides.

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How To Use

Deep cleaning for your carpets and upholstery with 5x benefits.

How to Use


Shake well and spray


Work in foam with either a colourfast clean broom/brush or a clean damp mop/sponge


Leave for 2 hours or until dry and then vacuum

If in doubt, test on a small, inconspicuous area before full application. Always follow the instructions on the back of the packaging.

Safety Directions


Intentional misuse by deliberating concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.


Keep out of reach of children. Keep children and pets off the treated carpet area until it has been vacuumed. Extremely flammable avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray or store near a naked flame, pilot light or any incandescent material. Keep away from sources of ignition - Do not smoke during use. Use in a well-ventilated room.




Vanish Gold 3in1 Stain Removal Foam is designed to clean larger surface areas - it removes dirt, unwelcome paw prints, pet hair and urine – it even helps to reduce resoiling in the future!

Each format works differently to provide the perfect clean. Our carpet sprays like the Oxi Action 3in1 Stain Removal Spray offers stain removal that treats spills and marks such as red wine, coffee and urine. The foams and powders work best on larger surface areas to remove dirt and neutralise odours.


Slips and spills happen, but it doesn’t have to ruin your furniture or carpet forever. Whether it’s a fresh stain or one that’s dried over time, Vanish carpet cleaners can remove those stubborn stains that you thought were there for good.
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