Vanish Preen OxiAction Trigger

1st Time Amazing Stain Removal on Set-In Stains

Product Features

  • 1st Time Amazing Stain Removal on Set-In Stains
  • Spray directly onto tough stains
  • Removing stains from your clothes and fabrics is easier than you might think
  • Safe for use on everyday fabrics, like cotton and polyester.

Also available in: 375 mL

Product Description

Vanish Preen OxiAction Trigger removes even tough dried-on stains, helping to ensure that you are left with clean laundry. Vanish Preen OxiAction Trigger contains Oxi Powerlift which removes many types of set-in stains. Use Vanish Preen OxiAction Trigger on stains such as dirt, makeup, sweat, food grease or cooking oil.

Contains: Hydrogen Peroxide 35g/L

Store in a cool dry place

For best results treat stain immediately.

Open: Spray and saturate stained area completely.
Spray: Leave for 1-5 mins (max) and rub fabric lightly as necessary.
Wash: Wash by the following garment care instructions.

Some stains may require a second treatment after wash.

Irritant. Eye and skin irritant. Avoid direct contact of powder with skin and eyes. After use, rinse hands well and for sensitive skin, the use of gloves is advised. Do not swallow. Hydrogen peroxide in product may sometimes have a temporary whitening effect on skin. Do not mix with other products.